Bikini Bottom Coverage

The bottom coverage refers to the amount of coverage over your bum. It does not change the front of the bottoms!


90's Retro Bottoms

  • High Hip
  • Cheeky Coverage

Tae Bottoms

  • Minimal bottoms
  • Thong coverage

Emma Bottoms

  • Thick straps for more hip coverage
  • Cheeky bum coverage

Savannah Bottoms - Full-Moderate Coverage

  • High Waisted
  • Perfect for those wanting a full coverage option.
  • Savannah also comes in a cheeky option (see below)

Savannah Bottoms 

Savannah Bottoms - Cheeky

  • High Waisted
  • Cheeky Coverage

Hazel Bottoms

  • Moderate Coverage

Ava Bottoms

  • Cheeky Coverage

 Peyton Bottoms

  • Cheeky Coverage

Naomi Bottoms

  • Cheeky
  • Minimal Coverage
  • Ruffled Style

Naomi 2.0

Naomi 2.0 offers you a minimal coverage option in the same style you love
  • Ruffled style
  • Perfect for tanning